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A picture helps you travel back in time and is a treasure you’ll cherish forever. Derek captures the stolen moments of happiness and beauty in your life to make them last forever. Working mostly with natural lights and in beautiful sceneries, his experience of flattering poses will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Portraits, family, weddings, events… invest to freeze these moments in time.

Telling a story01

with images.


the raw emotions.

Timeless style03

A classic editing style that your grandchild will still love.

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to details.



Derek Malou

The older bro

With more than 10 years of experience, Derek has developed a timeless style when it comes to wedding photography. Very discreet, he captures every emotions as they come and tell the story of these moments in a unique way. He is very relax and will make you confortable in front of the camera.


Clarent Malou

The younger bro

Clarent started to work with his brother 2 years ago. He joined Derek has second shooter on numerous weddings. Today, he has an extensive experience and has build up strong artistic vision. His style is very close to the one of his brother and he will be able to capture the story of your wedding in a unique way.