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Derek, often known as DMalou, has created an unique lifestyle through his photographs and short movies, with his particular nostalgic but yet modern feel. – emphasizing his values and passion for outdoors, nature, and active lifestyle.

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Growing up in a family where lifestyle played a very important role in everyday life, Derek specialized at a young age in photography of products in their environment, lifestyle shots and travels. His background in fashion and his creativity gives him a deep understanding of the values of the different companies he’s working with. He loves to help the growth of small and bigger brands by creating content that has a strong storytelling background.

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A picture helps you travel back in time and is a treasure you’ll cherish forever. Derek captures the stolen moments of happiness and beauty in your life to make them last forever. Working mostly with natural lights and in beautiful sceneries, his experience of flattering poses will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Portraits, family, weddings, events… invest to freeze these moments in time.


Movies and videos not only capture best the atmosphere of a place but they have the power to tell a whole story on their own. Derek aims at the excellence. His short movies are unique for the feeling they are able to express. Lights, incredible viewpoints, the right moves and a storyline to web it all are combined with patience and a great care to detail. Lifestyle, nature, wildlife, brand identity, craftsmanship, travels and products find a way to express their message through his images in action.


A strong and cohesive brand identity is what makes you instantly recognizable to your customers. Derek crafts the perfect brand identity design for your business. From the illustrations, drawings, logo to packaging and visual identity.
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